Sustainment of epiphytic microinvertebrate assemblage in relation with different aquatic plant microhabitats in freshwater wetlands (South Korea)

Submitted: 18 March 2013
Accepted: 21 October 2013
Published: 21 February 2014
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In general, aquatic plants in shallow wetlands provide critical habitat and refuge for epiphytic microinvertebrates. We hypothesised that the density and diversity of epiphytic microinvertebrates would differ based on different types of aquatic plant species. We collected epiphytic microinvertebrate samples on the surfaces (stems and leaves) of diverse aquatic plant species at 2 shallow wetlands (Upo and Jangcheok, South Korea) from May to June 2011. The species diversity of epiphytic microinvertebrates tended to increase as the number of aquatic plant species increased. The highest epiphytic microinvertebrate density was found on elodeid and pleustophyte species, and a relatively low microinvertebrate density was found on helophyte and nymphaeid species. The results indicate that epiphytic microinvertebrates preferred elodeid and pleustophyte species over other plant types, because they support larger habitat spaces (i.e., area of substrate) for foraging activity and predation inhibition. On the basis of the results, we recommend establishing diverse aquatic plant communities when wetlands are restored or created to assure high diversity of species that use aquatic plants as their habitat.



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This research was supported by the Korea National Long-Term Ecological Research (KNLTER).
Jong-Yun Choi, Pusan National University
Pusan National University

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Choi, Jong-Yun, Kwang-Seuk Jeong, Geung-Hwan La, Seong-Ki Kim, and Gea-Jae Joo. 2014. “Sustainment of Epiphytic Microinvertebrate Assemblage in Relation With Different Aquatic Plant Microhabitats in Freshwater Wetlands (South Korea)”. Journal of Limnology 73 (1).

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