New records of marine tardigrades from Brazil

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Clélia Márcia Cavalcanti Da Rocha *
Érika Cavalcante Leite Dos Santos
Edivaldo Lima Gomes Júnior
Juliana Da Rocha Moura
Luíza Gabriela Santana e Silva
Débora Ferreira Barbosa
(*) Corresponding Author:
Clélia Márcia Cavalcanti Da Rocha |


In studies developed in the mid- and infralittoral of Cupe Beach (Pernambuco), in the shallow infralittoral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago, and in the continental shelf of northeastern Brazil, we recorded for the first time in Brazilian waters specimens of Archechiniscus marci, Batillipes lesteri, Florarctus hulingsi, Halechiniscus tuleari, Angursa lingua, Raiarctus aureolatus, Actinarctus doryphorus doryphorus, Tanarctus dendriticus, Tanarctus velatus, Neoarctus sp. and Neostygarctus sp., as well as six other species that had been previously recorded in the region. Hence, the number of marine tardigrade taxa recorded in Brazil was increased to twenty-seven.

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