Living organisms and sedimentary remains from high mountain lakes in the Alps

By Kufoleto - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
Submitted: 25 May 2021
Accepted: 4 August 2021
Published: 12 August 2021
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We publish a data set of environmental and biological data collected in 2000 during the ice-free period in high mountain lakes located above the local timberline in the Alps, in Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Environmental data include coordinates, geographical attributes and detailed information on vegetation, bedrock and land use in lake catchments. Chemical analyses of a sample for each lake collected at the lake surface in Summer 2000 are also reported. Biological data include phytoplankton (floating algae and cyanobacteria), zooplankton (floating animals), macroinvertebrates (aquatic organisms visible to the naked eye living in contact with sediments on lake bottom), benthic diatoms. Diatoms, cladocera and chironomids remains and algal and bacterial pigments were also analysed in lake sediments.



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