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The Proceedings of the VI CONGRESO NACIONAL DE LIMNOLOGÍA, November 11-14, 2014, Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Ciudad de México, are now available.

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Can fish introductions alter nutrient cycles in previously fishless... Morphological abnormalities in cladocerans related to eutrophication of a... Hydrochemistry and trophic state change in a large reservoir in the... Thermal regime of a highly regulated Italian river (Ticino River) and... Factors driving semi-aquatic predator occurrence in traditional cattle... Biodiversity of microcrustaceans (Cladocera, Copepoda) in a lowland... Daphnia magna fitness during low food supply under different water... Higher late summer methane emission from central than northern European lakes Candona alchichica (Podocopida: Candonidae), a new ostracod species... Strict stoichiometric homeostasis of Cryptomonas pyrenoidifera... Zooplankton predators and prey: body size and stable isotope to... Modern sedimentation processes in Laguna de Medina, southern Spain... Distribution and structure of lotic macroinvertebrate communities and the... A ~150-year record of human impact in the Lake Wuliangsu (China)... Are antioxidant capacity and oxidative damage related to biological and...



News: New Editor-in-Chief announcement


July 24, 2017

In recent years, it became more and more clear that, given the current volume and variety of submissions and the time commitment necessary to face it, the editorship of the Journal of Limnology would benefit from an enlargement and a rejuvenation.
Making a step in this direction, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Diego Fontaneto, from ISE CNR (, has been appointed to the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Limnology, joining me in this task. Diego has been a supportive and engaged member of the Editorial Board since he joined as an Associate Editor in 2012.
As well as a leading figure in his field of expertise (speciation, macroecology and patterns of diversity) he is a wide experienced Editor of many journals in the field of water science.
I have no doubt that he will make a positive impact on the journal's future and continue the advancement of the Journal of Limnology.

Best wishes,
Roberto Bertoni

Posted: 2017-07-24
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Vol 76, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Original Articles
Marco Milardi, Jyrki Lappalainen, Suzanne McGowan, Jan Weckstrom

Abstract views: 1978 | PDF: 810 | HTML: 484
Maciej Karpowicz

Abstract views: 1505 | PDF: 790 | Supplementary: 176 | HTML: 459
Francesca Salmaso, Silvia Quadroni, Gaetano Gentili, Giuseppe Crosa

Abstract views: 1642 | PDF: 471 | Supplementary: 16 | HTML: 488
Raoul Manenti, Nicola Zanetti, Roberta Pennati, Giorgio Scarì

Abstract views: 1247 | PDF: 423 | HTML: 334
Janaina A. Santos, Rozane V. Marins, José E. Aguiar, Guillermo Challar, Francisco A.T.F. Silva, Luiz D. Lacerda

Abstract views: 1494 | PDF: 519 | Supplementary: 90 | HTML: 594
Päivi Rinta, David Bastviken, Jos Schilder, Maarten van Hardenbroek, Tabea Stötter, Oliver Heiri

Abstract views: 1353 | PDF: 497 | Supplementary: 172 | HTML: 409
Sergio Cohuo, Maria del Carmen Hernández, Liseth Pérez, Javier Alcocer

Abstract views: 1260 | PDF: 374 | HTML: 495
Barbara Leoni

Abstract views: 1271 | PDF: 432 | HTML: 527
Rômulo R.R. de Melo, Paula N. Coelho, Maria J. dos Santos-Wisniewski, Célio Wisniewski, Cristiana S. Magalhães

Abstract views: 1358 | PDF: 540 | HTML: 402
Jasmijn van 't Hoff, Tabea Schröder, Peter Held, Stephan Opitz, Bernd Wagner, Klaus Reicherter, Martin Melles

Abstract views: 1360 | PDF: 268 | HTML: 482
Nobuaki Kimura, Wen-Cheng Liu, Jeng-Wei Tsai, Chih-Yu Chiu, Timothy K. Kratz, Akira Tai

Abstract views: 724 | PDF: 294 | Supplementary: 90 | HTML: 367
Beibei Shen, Jinglu Wu, Zhonghua Zhao

Abstract views: 1763 | PDF: 236 | HTML: 358
Selene Babini, Luciana Cibils Martina, Elisa Luque, Noemi Gari, Nancy Salas, Adolfo L. Martino

Abstract views: 769 | PDF: 334 | Supplementary: 90 | HTML: 382
Paul O'Callaghan, Mary Kelly-Quinn

Abstract views: 1154 | PDF: 429 | HTML: 503
Andrea Gall, Martin J. Kainz, Serena Rasconi

Abstract views: 1501 | PDF: 399 | Supplementary: 77 | HTML: 527
Ana Sanz, Manuel J. López-Rodríguez, Sergio García-Mesa, Cristina Trenzado, Rosa M. Ferrer, J. Manuel Tierno de Figueroa

Abstract views: 1121 | PDF: 271 | HTML: 400
Eloísa Ramos Rodríguez, Carmen Pérez-Martínez, José María Conde-Porcuna

Abstract views: 1032 | PDF: 268 | Supplementary: 111 | HTML: 327
Hongru Zhao, Wei Zhu, Huaimin Chen, Xiaohua Zhou, Ruochen Wang, Ming Li

Abstract views: 692 | PDF: 216 | HTML: 409
Didier L. Baho, Stina Drakare, Richard K. Johnson, Craig R. Allen, David G. Angeler

Abstract views: 872 | PDF: 357 | Supplementary: 105 | HTML: 374
Josef MacLeod, Wendel (Bill) Keller, Andrew M. Paterson, Richard D. Dyer, John M. Gunn

Abstract views: 678 | PDF: 331 | Supplementary: 116 | HTML: 521
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