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Journal of Limnology

The Journal of Limnology publishes peer-reviewed original papers, review papers, notes and short communications about all aspects of limnology. The scope of our Journal comprises the ecology, biology, microbiology, physics, and chemistry of freshwaters, including the impact of human activities, management and conservation. Coverage includes molecular-, organism-, community-, and ecosystem-level studies both applied and theoretical. Proceedings of workshops, specialized symposia, conferences, may also be accepted for publication.

The special supplement dedicated to the 1st Workshop "Freshwater Invertebrates of Southeast Asia" is available at:



Meetings: IX European Wetlands Congress


Huesca (Spain), 14-18 September 2014

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8th International Shallow Lakes Conference


8th International Shallow Lakes Conference

October 12 – 17, 2014 Antalya, Turkey.


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Vol 73, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Climate change and plankton phenology in freshwater: current trends and future commitments PDF
Csaba Vadadi-Fülöp, Levente Hufnagel | DOI:

Original Articles

Does richness of Oligochaeta (Annelida) follows a linear distribution with habitat structural heterogeneity in aquatic sediments? PDF
Flávio H. Ragonha, Alice M. Takeda | DOI:
Study of tributary inflows in lake Iseo with a rotating physical model PDF
Marco Pilotti, Giulia Valerio, Luca Gregorini, Luca Milanesi, Charlie A.R. Hogg | DOI:
Lake heat content and stability variation due to climate change: coupled regional climate model (REMO)-lake model (DYRESM) analysis PDF
Stefan Weinberger, Mark Vetter | DOI:
The dark side of springs: what drives small-scale spatial patterns of subsurface meiofaunal assemblages? PDF
Barbara Fiasca, Fabio Stoch, Marie-Josè Olivier, Chafik Maazouzi, Marco Petitta, Alessia Di Cioccio, Diana M.P. Galassi | DOI:
Archaea and Bacteria in deep lake hypolimnion: in situ dark inorganic carbon uptake PDF
Cristiana Callieri, Manuela Coci, Ester M. Eckert, Michaela M. Salcher, Roberto Bertoni | DOI:
An overview of the structure, hazards, and methods of investigation of Nyos-type lakes from the geochemical perspective PDF
Franco Tassi, Dmitri Rouwet | DOI:
Unprecedented changes in mollusc assemblages of the littoral zone in the two largest peri-Alpine French lakes since the last 4500 years PDF
Jacques Mouthon, Michel Magny | DOI:
Aquatic Coleoptera assemblages in protected wetlands of North-western Spain PDF
Amaia Pérez-Bilbao, Cesar João Benetti, Josefina Garrido | DOI:
The effects of soils and soil stay on the egg morphology of Neotropical Eulimnadia (Branchiopoda: Limnadiidae) PDF
Nicolas Rabet, David Montero, Sébastien Lacau | DOI:
Weather conditions influencing phosphorus concentration in the growing period in the large shallow lake Peipsi (Estonia/Russia) PDF
Olga Tammeorg, Tõnu Möls, Külli Kangur | DOI:
Temporal and altitudinal variations in benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in an Andean river basin of Argentina PDF
Erica E. Scheibler, M. Cristina Claps, Sergio A. Roig-Juñent | DOI:
Incidence of phytoplankton and environmental conditions on the bacterial ammonium uptake in a subtropical coastal lagoon PDF
Germán Pérez, Laura Farías, Camila Fernandez, Daniel Conde, Claudia Piccini | DOI:
Seasonal variability of water quality and metazooplankton community structure in Xiaowan reservoir of the upper Mekong river PDF
Xiaodong Wu, Daming He, Guijun Yang, Linlin Ye, Chunling Zhu, Haifeng Jia, Jinming Hu | DOI:
Zooplankton community structure in the presence of low levels of cyanotoxins: a case study in a high altitude tropical reservoir (Valle de Bravo, Mexico) PDF
Michael A. Figueroa-Sanchez, Nandini Sarma, S.S.S. Sarma | DOI:
Cormorant predation on PIT-tagged lake fish PDF
Christian Skov, Niels Jepsen, Henrik Baktoft, Teunis Jansen, Stig Pedersen, Anders Koed | DOI:


Sustainment of epiphytic microinvertebrate assemblage in relation with different aquatic plant microhabitats in freshwater wetlands (South Korea) PDF
Jong-Yun Choi, Kwang-Seuk Jeong, Geung-Hwan La, Seong-Ki Kim, Gea-Jae Joo | DOI:
An experimental test of the ability of Daphnia galeata resting egg production in lake Biwa PDF
Narumi K. Tsugeki, Jotaro Urabe | DOI:
The effect of turbidity and prey fish density on consumption rates of piscivorous Eurasian perch Perca fluviatilis PDF
Lene Jacobsen, Søren Berg, Henrik Baktoft, P. Anders Nilsson, Christian Skov | DOI:

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