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Simulation of the hydrodynamic behaviour of a Mediterranean reservoir... Geochemical assessment of lake sediments in protected areas in Poland... Responses of phytoplankton functional groups to environmental factors in... The relationships between structural and functional diversity within and... Fisheries impacts on lake ecosystem structure in the context of a changing... A review of rice field ostracods (Crustacea) with a checklist of species Limnology and plankton diversity of salt lakes from Transylvanian Basin... Total organic carbon and its environmental significance for the surface... A modification of the leaf-nets method for sampling benthic invertebrates... Native European branchiobdellids on non-native crayfishes: Report from... Relationships of shredders, leaf processing and organic matter along a... Seasonal quantitative dynamics and ecology of pelagic rotifers in an... Chlorophyll a interference in phycocyanin and allophycocyanin... Assessing temporal and spatial variability of phytoplankton composition...


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Vol 77, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Robin J. Smith, Dayou Zhai, Suktonthip Savatenalinton, Takahiro Kamiya, Na Yu

Abstract views: 1877 | PDF: 252 | Supplementary: 112 | HTML: 372
Mircea Alexe, Gheorghe Șerban, Andreea Baricz, Adrian-Ștefan Andrei, Adorján Cristea, Karina P. Battes, Mirela Cîmpean, Laura Momeu, Vasile Muntean, Sebastian A. Porav, Horia L. Banciu

Abstract views: 2028 | PDF: 302 | Supplementary: 78 | HTML: 468
Original Articles
Joanna Cieślewicz, Mirosław Kobierski, Marcin Cichosz

Abstract views: 1690 | PDF: 257 | HTML: 252
Tiina Nõges, Orlane Anneville, Jean Guillard, Juta Haberman, Ain Järvalt, Marina Manca, Giuseppe Morabito, Michela Rogora, Stephen J. Thackeray, Pietro Volta, Ian J. Winfield, Peeter Nõges

Abstract views: 2001 | PDF: 391 | HTML: 258
Jordi Prats, Marie-José Salençon, Magali Gant, Pierre-Alain Danis

Abstract views: 1882 | PDF: 71 | Supplementary: 18 | HTML: 473
Antonio Di Sabatino, Giovanni Cristiano, Patrizia Vignini, Francesco Paolo Miccoli, Bruno Cicolani

Abstract views: 1591 | PDF: 149 | Supplementary: 63 | HTML: 253
Guojia Huang, Qiuhua Li, Xiaoqing Wang, Mengshu Han, Lei Li, Jing Xiao, Yipeng Liu

Abstract views: 1226 | PDF: 211 | HTML: 247
Rafał Chmara, Józef Szmeja, Krzysztof Banaś

Abstract views: 1367 | PDF: 252 | Supplementary: 60 | HTML: 271
Anna C.F. Aguiar, Vinicius Neres-Lima, Timothy P. Moulton

Abstract views: 1555 | PDF: 173 | Supplementary: 42 | HTML: 795
Shipei Dong, Zhuolun Li, Qiujie Chen, Zhiqiao Wei

Abstract views: 945 | PDF: 66 | HTML: 174
Hortência de Souza Barroso, Janaina A. Santos, Rozane V. Marins, Luiz Drude Lacerda

Abstract views: 1961 | PDF: 72 | Supplementary: 37 | HTML: 248
Svein Birger Wærvågen, Tom Andersen

Abstract views: 1382 | PDF: 71 | HTML: 394
Short Communication
Martin Bláha, Filip Ložek, Miloš Buřič, Antonín Kouba, Pavel Kozák

Abstract views: 1372 | PDF: 77 | HTML: 108
Rosaria Lauceri, Mariano Bresciani, Andrea Lami, Giuseppe Morabito

Abstract views: 1624 | PDF: 211 | Supplementary: 5 | HTML: 118
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