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Multi-year succession of cyanobacteria blooms in a highland reservoir with... Cyanobacterial blooms in freshwaters bodies in a semiarid region... Effect of temperature on behavior, glycogen content, and mortality in... Leaching of carbon from native and non-native leaf litter of subtropical... Contribution to the knowledge on the distribution of freshwater sponges... Calcite production by the calcifying green alga Phacotus lenticularis The impact of global warming on lake surface water temperature in Poland... Geochemistry and mineralogy of a complex sedimentary deposit in the... Genetic diversity and population differentiation of the freshwater copepod... Interaction between simulated dense Scenedesmus dimorphus... Long-term fish monitoring underlines a rising tide of temperature tolerant... Copepods act as omnivores in a (sub)tropical reservoir: Implication for the...


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Vol 77, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

Ariadne do Nascimento Moura, Nisia K. C. Aragão-Tavares, Cihelio A. Amorim

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Original Articles
Jennifer T.M. Andrade, Nelmara I.S. Cordeiro, Lângia C. Montresor, Dalva M.R. Luz, Renata C.R. Luz, Carlos B. Martinez, Jairo Pinheiro, Adriano P. Paglia, Teofânia H.D.A. Vidigal

Abstract views: 888 | PDF: 81
Stefan Andjus, Nadja Nikolic, Valerija Dobricic, Ana Marjanovic, Zoran Gacic, Goran Brankovic, Maja Rakovic, Momir Paunovic

Abstract views: 883 | PDF: 65
Sebastian Lenz, Uta Gruenert, Juergen Geist, Michael Stiefel, Maren Lentz, Uta Raeder

Abstract views: 804 | PDF: 41
Marianna Cangemi, Paolo Madonia, Sergio Speziale

Abstract views: 787 | PDF: 33
Shengxing Long, Paul B. Hamilton, Yang Yang, Jianrong Ma, Ondhoro C. Chobet, Chuan Chen, Anzhi Dang, Zhiwei Liu, Xian Dong, Jiangan Chen

Abstract views: 341 | PDF: 30
Daniel J. da Silva, Alice T. Valduga, Joseline Molozzi, Rodrigo Fornel, Rozane M. Restello, Luiz U. Hepp

Abstract views: 396 | PDF: 39
Zengling Ma, Hengguo Yu, Ronald Thring, Chuanjun Dai, Anglv Shen, Min Zhao

Abstract views: 261 | PDF: 27
Marco Milardi, Mattia Lanzoni, Anna Gavioli, Elisa Anna Fano, Giuseppe Castaldelli

Abstract views: 277 | PDF: 44 | Supplementary: 9
Sofia Celewicz, Michał Jan Czyż, Bartłomiej Gołdyn

Abstract views: 186 | PDF: 59 | Supplementary: 15
Qiuqi Lin, Liang Peng, Yang Yang, Bo-Ping Han

Abstract views: 188 | PDF: 24
Xiaoyu Wang, Xiaolin Ma, Wei Hu, Mingbo Yin

Abstract views: 204 | PDF: 16 | Supplementary: 14
Mariko Nagano, Hideyuki Doi

Abstract views: 144 | PDF: 7 | Supplementary: 11
Mayara P. Neves, Dirceu Baumgartner, Gilmar Baumgartner, Rosilene L. Delariva

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Bartosz Czernecki, Mariusz Ptak

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