A checklist of the freshwater rotifer fauna of Thailand (Rotifera, Monogononta, Bdelloidea)

  • Phannee Sa-Ardrit Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.
  • Pornsilp Pholpunthin Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.
  • Hendrik Segers | hendrik.segers@naturalsciences.be Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium.


We provide a checklist of the freshwater Rotifera recorded from Thailand, based on a review of available literature. Approximately 398 species of rotifers are recorded. The rotifer fauna of Thailand has been investigated quite comprehensively and these studies focus on four main parts of the country: the northern, north-eastern, central and southern. The number of rotifers on record is the highest in the north-eastern part (275), followed by the southern part (261), the central part (182) and the northern part (115). The majority of Thai Rotifera belongs to family Lecanidae (24.4%), Lepadellidae (11.3%), Brachionidae (11.1%), Trichocercidae (9.0%) and Flosculariidae (9.0%). The most diverse genus is Lecane followed by Trichocerca, Lepadella and Brachionus. Although most Thai rotifers are cosmopolitan, there are a number of Oriental endemics, including some strict Thai or regional endemics. Illoricate rotifers and bdelloids are understudied, while experimental and molecular approaches promise to add most to our knowledge and understanding of the role of rotifers in ecosystem functioning.


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Author Biographies

Phannee Sa-Ardrit, Prince of Songkla University
Department of Biology & Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Natural History Museum
Pornsilp Pholpunthin, Prince of Songkla University
Department of Biology
Hendrik Segers, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Scientific coordinator, Belgian Biodiversity Platform
Freshwater Invertebrates Congress
Supporting Agencies
Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Program (No. 4.B.PS/52/D.2), Thailand, Faculty of Science, department of biology, Prince of Songkla University, Institute of Hydrobiology, Jinan University, Guangzhou, PR China
Rotifer, biodiversity, biogeography, endemicity, Thailand.
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Sa-Ardrit P, Pholpunthin P, Segers H. A checklist of the freshwater rotifer fauna of Thailand (Rotifera, Monogononta, Bdelloidea). jlimnol [Internet]. 26Aug.2013 [cited 23Jan.2020];72(2s):e18. Available from: https://www.jlimnol.it/index.php/jlimnol/article/view/jlimnol.2013.s2.e18