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Vol 68, No 2 (2009)

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Original Articles

Diphyllobothrium latum (Cestoda: Diphyllobothriidea) in perch (Perca fluviatilis) in three sub-alpine lakes: influence of biotic and abiotic factors on prevalence PDF
Barbara WICHT, Costanzo LIMONI, Raffaele PEDUZZI, Orlando PETRINI | DOI: 167-173
Use of δ18O in the interpretation of hydrological dynamics in lakes PDF
Matteo PERINI, Federica CAMIN, Flavio CORRADINI, Ulrike OBERTEGGER, Giovanna FLAIM | DOI: 174-182
Long term picoplankton dynamics in a warm-monomictic, tropical high altitude lake PDF
Morphological and geochemical features of crater lakes in Costa Rica: an overview PDF
Franco TASSI, Orlando VASELLI, Erik FERNANDEZ, Eliecer DUARTE, Maria MARTINEZ, Antonio DELGADO HUERTAS, Francesco BERGAMASCHI | DOI: 193-205
The effects of UV radiation on photosynthesis estimated as chlorophyll fluorescence in Zygnemopsis decussata (Chlorophyta) growing in a high mountain lake (Sierra Nevada, Southern Spain) PDF
Félix L. FIGUEROA, Nathalie KORBEE, Presentación CARRILLO, Juan Manuel MEDINA-SÁNCHEZ, Mayte MATA, Jose BONOMI, Pedro M. SÁNCHEZ-CASTILLO | DOI: 206-216
Trophic state and seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton communities in two sand-pit lakes at different successional stages PDF
Silvia TAVERNINI, Daniele NIZZOLI, Giampaolo ROSSETTI, Pierluigi VIAROLI | DOI: 217-228
Quantification of environment-driven changes in epiphytic macroinvertebrate communities associated to Phragmites australis PDF
Morphological characteristics and phylogenetic analyses of unusual morphospecies of Microcystis novacekii forming bloom in the Cheffia Dam (Algeria) PDF
Soumaya EL HERRY, Hichem NASRI, Noureddine BOUAÏCHA | DOI: 242-250
Expression of the 70 kDa Heat shock protein family in Alpine freshwater chironomids (Diptera, Chironomidae) under natural conditions PDF
Valeria LENCIONI, Deborah BOSCHINI, Lorena REBECCHI | DOI: 251-256
Seasonal dynamics of stable isotopes and element ratios in authigenic calcites during their precipitation and dissolution, Sacrower See (northeastern Germany) PDF
Philipp BLUSZCZ, Andreas LÜCKE, Christian OHLENDORF, Bernd ZOLITSCHKA | DOI: 257-273
Water age – a major factor controlling phytoplankton community structure in a reconnected dynamic floodplain (Danube, Regelsbrunn, Austria) PDF
Michael SCHAGERL, Irene DROZDOWSKI, David G. ANGELER, Thomas HEIN, Stefan PREINER | DOI: 274-287
Water chemistry and trophic evaluation of Lake Albano (Central Italy): a four year water monitoring study PDF
Neil T.W. ELLWOOD, Patrizia ALBERTANO, Rosa GALVEZ, Renato FUNICIELLO, Rosario MOSELLO | DOI: 288-303
Pelagic underyearling communities in a canyon-shaped reservoir in late summer PDF
Tomáš JŮZA, Mojmír VAŠEK, Jan KUBEČKA, Jaromír SEĎA, Josef MATĚNA, Marie PRCHALOVÁ, Jiří PETERKA, Milan ŘÍHA, Oldřich JAROLÍM, Michal TUŠER, Michal KRATOCHVÍL, Martin ČECH, Vladislav DRAŠTÍK, Jaroslava FROUZOVÁ, Eva HOHAUSOVÁ, Jiří ŽALOUDÍK | DOI: 304-314
Testing the response of macroinvertebrate functional structure and biodiversity to flooding and confinement PDF
Belinda GALLARDO, Stéphanie GASCÓN, Mercedes GARCÍA, Francisco A. COMÍN | DOI: 315-326
The ghost of herbivory past: slow defence relaxation in the chlorophyte Scenedesmus obliquus PDF
Antonie M. VERSCHOOR, Ozan K. BEKMEZCI, Ellen VAN DONK, Jacobus VIJVERBERG | DOI: 327-335
Limnological features and models of chlorophyll-a in 30 lakes located in the lower Mackenzie River basin, Northwest Territories (Canada) PDF
Fortune E. OGBEBO, Marlene S. EVANS, Robert B. BRUA, Jonathan J. KEATING | DOI: 336-351
Mercury distribution in the main compartments of the eutrophic Lake Candia (Northern Italy) PDF
Maria Chiara FONTANELLA, Oscar RAVERA, Gian Maria BEONE, Nicoletta RICCARDI, Ilenia CATTANI | DOI: 352-358
Comparison between the mercury contamination in populations of Unio pictorum mancus (Mollusca, Bivalvia) from two lakes of different trophic state: the oligo-mesotrophic Lake Maggiore and the eutrophic Lake Candia PDF
Oscar RAVERA, Gian Maria BEONE, Maria Chiara FONTANELLA, Nicoletta RICCARDI, Ilenia CATTANI | DOI: 359-367
Eutrophication and its effect on dissolved Si concentrations in the Garonne River (France) PDF
Koenraad MUYLAERT, José Miguel SANCHEZ-PÉREZ, Samuel TEISSIER, Sabine SAUVAGE, Alain DAUTA, Philippe VERVIER | DOI: 368-374
Drivers of plant species composition in siliceous spring ecosystems: groundwater chemistry, catchment traits or spatial factors? PDF
Characterization of photoautotrophic picoplankton assemblages in turbid, alkaline lakes of the Carpathian Basin (Central Europe) PDF
Tamás FELFÖLDI, Boglárka SOMOGYI, Károly MÁRIALIGETI, Lajos VÖRÖS | DOI: 385-395
Iodine speciation and cycling in fresh waters: a case study from a humic rich headwater lake (Mummelsee) PDF
Benjamin S. GILFEDDER, Michael PETRI, Harald BIESTER | DOI: 396-408


Differentiation between activity of digestive enzymes of Brachionus calyciflorus and extracellular enzymes of its epizooic bacteria PDF
Martina ŠTROJSOVÁ, Wilko H. AHLRICHS | DOI: 409-412

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